Who Are We?

Fans of LeSS in Germany


Manoj Vadakkan started Fans Of LeSS for the Austin Scrum Gathering in 2019 as a countermeasure to the big-box methdology and tools salesmen typically found exhibiting at Agile conferences. I (MJ) quickly volunteered. We set up a booth at the conference and got help from other volunteers such as Gene Gendel, Manjit Singh, and Rowan Bunning. (If I left anyone out, please contact me and I’ll add you.)


Andreas Schliep declared the Fans of LeSS booth to be the coolest one at the gathering. Of course we had a visit from Howard Sublett of the Scrum Alliance. Other fans of LeSS – mostly practitioners – that I hadn’t met before came over to talk. People told us about being forced to do big-box “Agile Scaling” frameworks but wanting a more principled approach. Juan Banda encouraged us to represent our beliefs at Agile 2019 and introduced us to Phil Brock at the Agile Alliance, who has helped to accommodate us.

LeSS Company Sponsorship

The LeSS Company founders Craig Larman and Bas Vodde are active software developers/coaches who haven’t put much effort into marketing LeSS. We’ve asked them to pay our expenses for Fans Of LeSS promotional activities, but not our time.

Fans of LeSS at ABE